Fall Is Here! Prepare Your Home and Your Soul for Winter With These Tips


October has sneaked right up on us this year! The trees outside of the White Crane office are turning red and gold, and sweaters are starting to make their appearance inside. Autumn is such a wonderfully cozy time of year, which makes the cruel snap of the winter to come seem so much harsher. Of course, it’s not only we humans who need to bundle up and prepare for the snow and cold to come. Our homes need to be readied and protected as well. Preparing ourselves and where we live for the upcoming winter will result in an even lovelier spring. Some things to put on your October to-do list include:

Plant bulbs now to ensure that, just when you start to think you’ll go crazy if you don’t see some green in your yard soon, cheery spring flowers will pop up. Some will even sprout through the snow.

Fall Home Prep

Clean out your fireplace or wood stove, and don’t forget about the chimney! Now is also the time to stock up on firewood to get you through the cold days – and nights – ahead.

As long you’re cleaning, you might as well tackle those gutters. Wait until all of the leaves have fallen before you start this chore, then haul out the ladder and SAFELY remove all build-up from your gutters. Doing this will help to prevent ice dams, which can wreak havoc on the inside of your home. Gutter cleaning can also be hired out for those who would rather not be perched atop a ladder in a precarious position.

When you’re done cleaning your gutters, take a walk around your yard and properly store your outdoor furniture and grill. Don’t forget to clean all items before putting them in storage or covering them – especially your grill.

Fall Home Prep

It’s a lot easier to transport and haul shovels, salt, etc. when there is no snow on the ground. It is also much easier to find and buy shovels and snow blowers before the first big snow of the season causes them to be in high demand. Similarly, pull out and inspect all cold weather gear to make sure that the family’s outerwear still fits and is in good repair.

October is also the time when many people turn on their furnaces or light their wood stoves, meaning the air inside of their houses is about to become very dry. Touching household objects becomes a test of will when anticipating the spark that could zap you at any time. To prevent dryness in your home and in your home’s people, it’s time to bring out the humidifier and get it fired up.

More time spent indoors means more time scrutinizing your interior. If certain spaces are starting to look drab and bleary, a simple refresh can do wonders for your soul. Add some color, rearrange furniture, or paint. You don’t need to spend a whole lot of money to brighten things up a bit.

Lastly, this is a great time to sit down and plan that winter getaway. Schedule a vacation for the bleakest months of January or February. Looking forward to the vacation will bring you happiness, and, when you return, winter will be almost over and you can start looking forward to the spring that’s just around the corner!

Fall Home Prep

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