Remodeling Carpenter

White Crane Construction is in our 20th year as an award-winning design: build firm specializing in remodeling older homes primarily in Mpls/St. Paul and first-ring suburbs. We look forward to hearing from highly-interested and qualified candidates to begin a conversation.

Remodeling Carpenter Role:

It is the role of the Remodeling Carpenter to perform mid-level work in the construction, repair, and maintenance of White Crane Construction’s projects and related activities; this work includes general aspects of rough and finished carpentry, punch-list items, non-carpentry work, demolition, site setup /maintenance / clean up and procurement/materials pickup. This role requires a very high level of organization and ability to manage & complete tasks without direct supervision or oversight. This role requires a strong residential construction knowledge and skillset to complete items that might be typically found on a project completion or punch list. The Remodeling Carpenter is responsible for maintaining strong client and trade partner relationships. Able to identify obstacles and develop alternative plans as necessary in order to reach goal; demonstrates resourcefulness; works well independently; is self-motivated; identifies and executes logical “next steps” without delay or waiting for specific instruction; actively seeks and willingly accepts new responsibilities and roles. The Remodeling Carpenter is responsive to the fluctuating needs of company production and interacts successfully with other team members. Reports To: Project Managers

Primary Responsibilities | Goals | Quality | Relationships

Business Goals

  1. Committed to meeting labor budgets on jobs assigned.
  2. Committed to meeting work schedule on jobs assigned.


  1. Review and understand each assigned project’s scope of work, specifications, and schedule.
  2. Perform daily planning in order to maximize efficiencies, including tools, materials, and work sequencing.
  3. Set daily production goals that meet budget and scheduling requirements.

Quality Control and Execution

  1. Keep Project Manager informed of project status and critical issues that may impact the client relationship, project schedule, and budget.
  2. At all times and on all jobs, deliver high-quality work that conforms to specifications and is code compliant.
  3. Report to Project Manager any and all work quality and housekeeping issues by other trades discovered on site, and work with Project Manager to successfully resolve.
  4. Maintain site protection to be fully effective on all job sites working on.

Material Procurement

  1.  Identify and procure material shortages for assigned work. Be able to pick up these materials if necessary.
  2. Proactively pick up missing materials as required for assigned work.
  3. Stack returns and communicate to Project Manager that materials need to be picked up. Care for materials so that White Crane Construction is credited for unused materials.

Trade Partner Relationships

  1. Provide professional leadership on job sites.
  2. Exhibit professional and respectful behavior with all other trade partners on site, in order to enable all to work efficiently and safely and move the job forward.
  3. Proactively resolve issues on site that interfere with work efficiency and safety.
  4. Always be a positive spokesperson for WCC when interacting with trade partners, setting a positive image for others to follow.

Client Relationships

  1. Always be a positive spokesperson for WCC when interacting with clients.
  2. Report to Project Manager any client concerns that might have been shared on site, and assure client that their concerns will be communicated to Project Manager.


  1. Submit hours worked to Project Manager at end of each work day, including hours worked per cost code and address.
  2. Submit all receipts to project Manager on a weekly basis, including job name and cost code.


  1. Always perform work in a safe manner.
  2. Observe other trade partners on site to ensure they are working in a safe manner.
  3. Should a work-related injury occur, ensure that a First Report of Injury form is submitted to WCC within 24 hours.
  4. Ensure that lead safety practices are being followed.
  5. Be able to identify hazardous materials and unsafe work environment / practices, and work with Project Manager to resolve issue without exposure to others.

Company Tools, Materials, and Shop

  1. Properly maintain all company tools and materials so that they are readily available for successful use.
  2. Organize, maintain, and keep clean the company shop (garage), ensuring vehicle space in the winter months, and temperature-sensitive materials stored in office basement

Our Culture:

“I was drawn to White Crane because it is a small company, but there are opportunities for advancement and growth. Our culture is team-oriented and connections between colleagues and clients are more personal because of our size.”
– Courtney, White Crane Project Manager

“I enjoy the family atmosphere and working with a team of people who are always willing to lend a hand. The culture allows you to thrive and learn from others with vast experiences in design, construction, and business.”
– Jesse, White Crane Project Manager

“White Crane owner Susan creates a culture that encourages honesty and trust.”
– Kurtis Scholz, Preconstruction Manager

“I love working somewhere that values my knowledge and experience. Being a small company allows you to get to know one another. It feels like a family, which I think allows us to deliver such a great client experience.”
– Becky Potter, Business Manager

“Our team has varied backgrounds and interests, and I think our company culture is unique in our industry. We’re looking for innovators and independent spirits to join our team.”
– Susan Denk, Owner

About White Crane

We are a design:build firm specializing in mid-sized residential remodels from $50,000 – $500,000.
Compensation plan including per-project incentive, and benefits package (health, 401k guaranteed contribution, etc.) are above market based on project manager level.

When it comes to residential remodeling, White Crane Construction is the design:build firm that believes in achieving harmony by design. We care about our employees and clients. We are passionate about design and execution.


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