This Minneapolis Addition features materials selected to blend seamlessly with the home’s existing exterior. Take a look at installing the exterior finishes, as this project gets closer to the finish line!

The goal for the Addition exterior is to match the color and texture home’s existing stucco, brick, and trim, creating the feeling that the Addition was always part of the house. The mason will choose multiple colors of brick that match the existing palette, laying them in a pattern mimicking the home’s original masonry. We’ll color match the two hues of stucco to existing and install window and door trim.

This new exterior door leads from the Kitchen Addition to the backyard, making outdoor entertaining easier.
We selected brick for the new Addition exterior similar to the home's original 1923 masonry.
This elevation defines the plan for the Addition exterior.
The masonry at the base of the Addition has been installed. Now we are ready to apply the stucco.
We'll match the Addition's new stucco to the home's existing stucco to create a seamless transition.
We've finished the Addition's new stucco and brick exterior and replaced the temporary electric service on a post by the fence with the permanent electric service on the house.
Here's a detail shot of the Addition soffit.
The Addition's stucco and brick are complete. Soon the door from the Kitchen to the backyard will get new steps. Craftsman style outdoor sconces, chosen to reflect the period of the home, flank the new back door.
The Addition exterior is complete!

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