We are ready to start framing the new Garage and future living space above!

The lumber and trusses for the first floor are delivered to the site, and construction begins on the Garage frame. When the first-floor walls are in place, and the trusses are set, we’ll install the floor sheeting using both glue and ring shanked nails to minimize squeaking.

Once the second-floor walls are up, we can set the second-floor trusses and build the roof. This project has two phases. Phase one is building the Garage/future ADU structure. The future living space on the second floor is framed but will remain unfinished until our clients are ready to move on to phase two and complete the apartment above the Garage. Electricity will be connected to the structure for lights and outlets. Plumbing has been run from the main home to the new structure, but no plumbing has been roughed-in inside the structure. Plumbing will be finished during phase two.

The lumber load and first-floor trusses arrive at the site in preparation for framing.
Framing begins!
The first-floor Garage walls are up, and the trusses are installed.
A view of the first-floor trusses from inside the new Garage.
The walls go up on the second floor future ADU space. The second story is almost completely framed as we install the second-floor trusses and a roof.
The second floor (future) ADU space is framed up. This space will remain unfinished until the homeowners are ready to move forward with phase two, finishing the ADU.
The Garage/Future ADU is framed, house wrapped, and windows are installed.
All the windows are installed, including this one in the first-floor garage.
Insulation is added to the second-floor future ADU space.

Up Next…

Take a look at the electrical rough-in for the ADU/Garage.



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