What Will It Cost To Remodel My Basement Or Lower Level ?

In the Twin Cities, most of us use our Lower Levels (basements) for much more than storage! Typically we want and need a Lower Level to function as an added family room, home office, teen or guest bedrooms, home entertainment space, or some combination of all of these options. In addition to the types of living spaces just listed, virtually all Lower Level remodels include bathrooms. After remodeling homes for 20 years, White Crane has found there isn’t a magic formula to determine what a major remodeling project will cost. But, we can generate informed averages based on what we’re seeing in the market today. With mid-range finishes and labor by our professional tradespeople, the average cost of a full Lower Level remodel from White Crane is about $130,000 to $200,000 depending on finishes selected, and structural or mechanical work required.



What drives this large range you may wonder? Let’s start with the age of your home. If you own an older home, likely there are a number of issues that might need to be addressed, including bringing your home up to building code. For example, what is the ceiling height you have to work with? Where does the ducting and piping from the original build or past remodel run, and do they need to be moved to address the current vision? What is the condition of the basement floor? Does it slope to a drain? Does the space have moisture issues, and is it properly insulated? Depending on your home’s age you may have asbestos and lead paint abatement that needs to be performed. When originally built, these spaces in older homes were not designed for how we want to use them today. This often means that many of the structural and mechanical fundamentals must be addressed before any finish work is considered.

Homeowners can bring costs down by choosing finishes carefully; there are a multitude of products available that are beautiful, effective, and cost sensitive. These products can be found in flooring, tile, cabinet details, plumbing & light fixtures. You can also save money in your remodeling budget by taking on the wall and ceiling painting yourself. However, all other trade work should be done by professionals with advanced skill sets to get the job done right.

Here is where not to skimp: quality counts both in products and execution if you are going to make the investment make it count! At White Crane, one of our designers work closely with you to ensure you’re not over (or under) designing your new Lower Level. We are here to work with your lifestyle and vision, and then they stay engaged with you throughout the entire remodeling process to make sure everything gets done as you expected. At White Crane, we call this “Harmony by Design”. Contact us for a free consultation.

Looking for more on the remodeling process? Follow along as we remodel this Minneapolis Lower Level!

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