Lightning Strikes: The story of two friends and a home nearly destroyed by lightning. (Series 4)

Enter the insurance company, the adjustor, and the contractor to begin the process of rebuilding my friends’ home, which had been severely damaged by fire and water.   On that very difficult day, with the initial walk-through behind us, the homeowners’ insurance adjustor arrived at the property to have a look.  Photos were snapped, and an emergency restoration contractor was dispatched to run temporary electricity to the house and to begin the process of drying out the building.  Emergency response is not one of my areas of expertise as a contractor; the gentlemen on the scene seemed to understand what the next important steps were and how to take them.  The only other surprise I recall from that day, other than the devastation of my friends’ home, was when the assigned insurance adjustor announced that he was leaving for a two-week vacation the next day.  I wondered to myself why the insurance company would assign this guy to the case today. Surely they understood he had both feet out the door on the way to vacation.  As you might guess, this struck me as both odd and “off” at the time, but I chalked it up to, well, just a weird thing.  I am one of those folks who have a healthy respect for our institutions, and I figured that the insurance company would rally to such devastation and look after my dear friends.  As it turns out, this was much more of a process than I ever might have imagined… ever.

Fast forward 5 ½ months and finally, once all of the toxic and water-damaged materials were removed from the house, reconstruction could begin.  My friends were out of their home for this entire period, piecing their lives together day-by-day in a rental home not too far from the remaining shell of their home.  If this seems like an inordinately long period of time, it was.  There was much to negotiate and figure out before we could begin to bring their beautiful home back to its prime.  Nancy Peters Sparrow, the White Crane designer assigned to the project, worked with our homeowners’ to redesign and remodel this burned-out shell into a beautiful home that will welcome their family and friends for years to come.  The opportunity for White Crane to restore this old gem, using period finishes, woodwork, and cabinetry, while bringing it to modern-day standards and functionality, was a gift for all parties involved.  Finally, the joyful leg of my friends’ journey began.