Lightning Strikes: The story of two friends and a home nearly destroyed by lightning. (Series 5- final)

Remodeling of my friends’ home began with the demolition down to the studs of the first two floors.  Upstairs, all framing members were encapsulated with a paint specifically designed to remove all traces of smoke.  For our clients, this was the opportunity to implement some redesigns of the space in order to fulfill their desire for two children’s bedrooms upstairs and a master suite and open-design kitchen on the first floor.

Our framers set to work doing just that.  Next in were the mechanical trades.  Over the years, our homeowners had been upgrading their electrical wiring as various projects arose.  This significant remodel allowed White Crane to remove the last vestiges of knob-and-tube wiring in the house and to bring up all the mechanicals to modern-day standards.

After the mechanical inspections were completed, we “super”-insulated the first and second levels of the home using closed-cell spray-foam insulation, bringing the house significantly greater thermo-efficiency for both the cold and hot days experienced in Minnesota.  In Minneapolis, insulation must also be inspected. Once this was completed, we were set for drywall and finishes.

Although the glamour and beautiful designs created by our clients and White Crane manifest themselves in the final stages of the project, never underestimate the value of time and attention spent on what is behind the drywall!  The deliberate thought given to mechanicals and insulation will pay dividends for years to come.

The finishes for this project were carefully chosen to keep with the historic feel of the original home.  The trim and doors were designed to mirror the originals.  The existing windows and window trim on the first floor had already been refurbished, so these were kept, which significantly added to the beauty of the home.  New natural maple floors were also installed in the species and size of the originals. The tile in both first floor bathrooms imparts a modern flair, but also gives a nod to the original.  The attention to historic details was very important to the entire team; the modern flourishes came with the kitchen amenities and layout, which was designed to accommodate multiple cooks and an ease of entertaining.  Beautiful, enameled custom cabinets with stone countertops pulled the entire kitchen and dining area together.

The challenges created by a random lightning strike and subsequent fire will forever be imprinted on the lives of our friends.  The opportunity to find the gifts in this process were many.  Today, all is well; the family is again sleeping soundly at home where they belong and enjoying the fruits of this great labor.  As for White Crane, my team and I remain incredibly honored to have joined them on this journey.