Lightning Strikes: The story of two friends and a home nearly destroyed by lightning.

In my next series of blog posts, I am going to tell the story of two friends: One whose home was nearly destroyed – first by lightning and second by the 20,000-plus gallons of water used to put out the resulting fire, and the other who, it just so happens, is a professional design/build remodeling contractor.

If you are reading this blog, you likely want to know something about remodeling – particularly something that will help with your own current or future project.  You may already suspect that I, from the perspective of a professional woman business owner, intend to use this story to illustrate the many hard and soft skills necessary to successfully execute a great remodeling project.  Having worked in the construction industry for 37 years, and having co-founded White Crane 15 years ago, I have gained a strong knowledge of these necessities.

This series of articles helps to underscore the value of relationships, trust, professionalism, communication skills, design and inspiration, project management, and craftsmanship.  There are many great design/build contractors in our region, and, to be successful, each of us must ourselves exhibit these skills, as well as have a willing partner in our client!  

Remodeling projects are complicated and tend to be expensive and disruptive to the day-to-day routines that keep families moving and thriving.  Each of our clients tries to embrace this disruption as a down payment on both more harmony and more meaningful moments with family and friends in their lives. This is the truly valuable stuff. Sometimes, though, we are not given a choice as to when and what we might remodel in our home; sometimes that decision is made for us.  Follow along with us in the upcoming blog series, “Lightning Strikes!”