Modern Kitchen for St. Paul Foursquare

It was time to stop worrying about frozen pipes, temperature swings, and missing storage.

Homeowners in this Macalester – Groveland neighborhood of St. Paul had already been through a basement remodel when they started considering serious changes to their cold and storage-deprived kitchen. Though the couple had recently designed a basement remodel, acting as their own project managers during the build-out, thinking of doing the same for the kitchen was daunting, especially when considering all the code compliances involved. With White Crane, the family had a built-in team of designers and construction professionals to help curate the right kitchen layout and oversee the entire construction phase. Designers crafted an updated plan that responded to design and functional concerns.  The remodel provided mechanical solutions for major temperature fluctuations in the room, alleviated concerns about bursting pipes in the winter, increased storage capacity, and found the right modern leaning aesthetic suitable to these design-conscience homeowners. Even so, perhaps the greatest strength of the project was in finally finding a way to get a bathroom on the main level of this American Foursquare home.

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