South Minneapolis Basement Remodel

A remodel is underway. Take a look inside.

Follow along as we remodel an unfinished basement inside this South Minneapolis home.


Self Leveler Smooths the Floor Surface for New Floor Coverings

With the design team’s help, our clients picked a natural oak-textured, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) to finish their new basement floors. In order to prepare the existing floor for the new coverings, the White Crane flooring crew needed to apply a self-leveler to the basement floors. With only a roughly poured concrete floor to work with, the self-leveler was needed to provide a smooth and even surface for applying the Adura Flex Planks. Over the course of two days, we poured the self-leveler, let the mixture dry, and then sanded the surface for an even finish.

Prepping for new tile flooring means creating an even concrete surface. Pouring the first layer of self-leveler begins that process. The flooring crew uses a tool similar to a long-handled window squeegee to push the self-leveler around the basement floor. Tape is applied to the bottom of the walls around the entire basement to ensure the wet, self-leveling slurry doesn't escape confines of the floor.

Installing Glue Down Luxury Vinyl Tile

Unlike traditional wood or engineered wood flooring, the Adura Flex Plank, luxury vinyl tiles are able to be installed directly on top of the existing concrete floors. With the self-leveler dried and sanded, we started laying out and applying the vinyl tile with an appropriate adhesive compound. When laying out the flooring, installers staggered the planks across the basement floor to create a natural-looking scheme similar to traditional hardwood planks. The lovely, warm, brown tones in the flooring set the mood for what will become a cozy, family-focused living space. Some considerations for selecting a luxury vinyl tile include its affordability, ease of maintenance, and attractive patterns.

Once the appropriate glue is applied to the floor, installers started to lay out the new luxury vinyl tile called Adura Flex in Southern Oak. The covering provides a much cozier and more sophisticated atmosphere for the new basement design.

The Southern Oak vinyl tile mimics the look and feel of traditional hardwood planks. Varying lengths of the tile gives the floor a seamless and natural finish.

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