Transitional South Minneapolis Kitchen Remodel

How wanting to have more intentional family time led this South Minneapolis family to remodel

The decision to remodel their South Minneapolis home came down to a simple statement from one homeowner to the other. They remember vividly discussing the merits of undertaking the project when one reflected, “You know, you never get this time back with your kids.” And just like that, the decision to remodel wasn’t so complicated. The couple settled on a design that would not only create a more functional kitchen in their 112-year-old home, but it would open up the main floor so they could more easily engage with one another, with visual and physical connections between the kitchen, living area, and dining room.

“The amount of time we are face-to-face with one another has significantly improved. We can all sit together in the kitchen, living room, or dining room and that just wasn’t possible before. I can see my kiddo’s face when she’s doing art. We can just share more time with one another. It is revolutionary.” – South Minneapolis Client & Homeowner

“If I was giving advice to someone, it would be to not be afraid to say the things you want. Say exactly how you want it to look like because they can make it look like that, which is kind of remarkable.” – South Minneapolis Client & Homeowner

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