Conway Whole House Remodel

“We are looking to make our little place so wonderful we never want to leave.”

Conway area homeowners saw the potential in their St. Paul house and decided that an investment in the longevity of their home would be a great way to also invest in their family. While the clients initially believed an addition would be needed to create the spaces they were really looking for, the design team crafted a new main level and upper level plan that checked all the boxes on their wishlist within the original footprint of the home. The multi-level remodel saw changes to every room in the home, including larger-scale changes for a reimagined dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and upper-level laundry. The homeowners wanted to focus the remodel on changes that would help the home age gracefully, expanding the work to include new windows and doors, cladding, roofing, shutters, a front porch addition, and a back deck.

“And we were like, you know, ‘If this is where we’re going to be, let’s make the most of it, do something with class, and make an investment in us.’” – Conway Neighborhood Homeowner

“It was such a good design right off the top that it was everything we needed it to be.” – Conway Neighborhood Homeowners

“I dare people to come into this house and find one mistake with the millwork. It just blew us away.” – Conway Neighborhood Homeowner

“We love it, especially how the little things have changed the house and made a huge difference. Every single person that has talked to us in the neighborhood loves it.” – Conway Neighborhood Homeowner

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