Pouring Frost Footings

Frost footings support the Addition’s new foundation. The footings prevent settling that can damage the new structure. Concrete is poured into wooden forms to create the footings. Additionally, a form was built under the back door area to repair a crumbling portion of the home’s existing foundation.

The excavated area is prepped for pouring the frost footings.
Concrete is poured into the forms to create the frost footings.
While pouring the new footings, we repaired the crumbling existing foundation discovered during excavation.

The Block

Block, also known as CMU (concrete masonry unit), will be used to build the foundation. A waterproofing layer is applied to the block, making it look like it’s been painted black. Next, insulation is applied to the foundation.

Block, also known as CMU, will be used to lay the foundation.
Waterproofing is applied to the block foundation exterior. The newly poured home foundation repair is also visible under the window.
After waterproofing, we installed the foundation insulation.
The foundation is finished. It's time to start framing!

Up Next…

Take a look at framing the new Addition.


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