Modern Addition, Traditional Minneapolis Home

A remodel is underway. Take a look inside.

Follow along as we build a contemporary 2-story Addition on their traditional American Foursquare style home.

Demo & Excavation

It's time for the old screen porch to come down! The homeowners took on the demo of the old screened porch and existing paver patio themselves.

The Homeowners Tackle Some Teardown

We started to demo, preparing for the Addition construction. Our clients, using some good old fashioned elbow grease, tore down the old screened porch and removed a paver patio themselves.

Prepping For An Excavation During A Minnesota Winter

The next step is digging a hole for the new Addition foundation. At the end of November, we laid frost blankets to keep the ground from freezing, making excavating less difficult.

Excavators needed to get from the street to the backyard. Laying plywood across the yard limited the damage from heavy excavating machinery.

We discovered a failing area in the original foundation during excavation.

Surprise Challenges & Solutions

We started to dig a hole for the new Addition foundation. Old houses are sometimes full of surprises! On the second day of excavating, we discovered a problem. A laid up stone foundation under a portion of the home was deteriorating. We shored up the area, preparing to repair the crumbling failing foundation below. Another portion of the house also cantilevered out unsupported by the foundation, so measures were taken to support this area as well. We will repair these areas of the home’s foundation while laying the foundation for the new Addition.

Support must be created for a portion of the home cantilevering off the original 1908 foundation.

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