Modern Addition, Traditional Minneapolis Home

A remodel is underway. Take a look inside.

Follow along as we build a contemporary 2-story Addition on their traditional American Foursquare style home.


We’re framing up the bones for this new modern Minneapolis Addition!

The lumber delivery arrives, but before we begin framing another round of demo has to happen. The siding and trim are removed from the exterior back wall where the house will open to the Addition, and then the 1st-floor wall will be demoed. Before removing the exterior walls, we build insulated temporary walls that we’ll remove after installing the Addition walls and windows.

The lumber delivery for the Addition arrives in preparation for framing.

The second round of demo begins removing exterior walls on the 1st-floor.

 A Mystery

A mystery pipe appeared during the second round of demo. After some sleuthing, the plumber discovered the pipe was an unused gas line connected to a light fixture original to the home. The light fixture contained fittings for both gas and electricity. We cut and removed the unused pipe.

Mystery solved! The pipe was a no longer used gas line connected to a light fixture original to the home. This original fixture had fittings for both gas and electricity. We removed the unused gas line.

We're building the 2nd-floor porch and Bedroom extension. We installed another temporary wall (similar to the one on the 1st-floor) on the 2nd-floor before removing the Bedroom wall.

Installing the new windows and patio door allows us to remove the temporary walls on the 1st and 2nd floors, opening the new Addition to the home.

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