Remodeling a Kitchen, Mud Room, Bath, and Master Suite

Our boomer empty nest clients live in a 1915 Tudor Home in the Kingfield Neighborhood, Minneapolis, MN. In this project, we’ll be remodeling a Kitchen. We are also creating a new larger Master Suite by¬†opening up a bedroom to the sunporch and expanding the small Master Bath. In addition to the bath in the Master Suite, we also are remodeling a second bath.

Kitchen Before: The existing Kitchen was previously remodeled in the 80s. The new Kitchen design will reflect our clients' simple European style while complimenting the original finishes in the home.

The Goals

  • Completely remodel the Kitchen; Updating finishes, improving layout, and correcting structural issues to bring it up to code.
  • Create a larger Master Suite by combining a bedroom with a sunporch, and remodeling the Master Bath.
  • Update a second original upper bath, finding a balance between modern materials and the original character of the house.
The elevations for the new Kitchen remodel.
Sunroom Before: We are opening up a bedroom to the porch to create a large new Master Suite.
Master Bath Before: This small bath will be combined with a sun porch and current Master Bedroom to create a new larger Master Suite.
The second Bathroom before the remodel.
The elevation of the second Bath shows what it will look like after the remodel.

Next up…Take a look at the design for this kitchen, master suite, and bathroom remodel.