Remodeling a Kitchen, Bath & Primary Suite in Minneapolis

A remodel is underway. See inside!

Follow along as we remodel the kitchen, bath, and primary suite of a Kingfield neighborhood Tudor.

Plumbing & Electrical

It’s time to rough-in the plumbing and electrical! Much of the existing outdated plumbing and electrical needed to be removed to bring this project up to code.


Boom…Love That Stuff! Removing The Stack

As you can see in the video below, we needed to remove the home’s existing cast iron plumbing stack to bring it to code, and to be able to toe in our new plumbing for the two 2nd floor Bathrooms and new Kitchen. The home’s original plumbing is extremely heavy cast iron, so it has to be broken down and taken out in pieces.

After plumbing was complete we established the max ceiling height and furred down kitchen ceiling. This also creates room for recessed ceiling light fixtures and electrical.

The ceiling is furred out and the electrical is roughed-in.

On To Insulation

After all rough-in inspections and framing inspection, we are good to move forward with insulation.  We used fiberglass batting in the wall and some of the ceilings.  Closed cell spray foam was used in a tricky ceiling area over a bay window.  We also spray foamed the rim joist where accessible. After the insulation is completed and inspected we are ready for drywall.

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