Reshaping the Home with a Mudroom Addition and Total Kitchen Overhaul

Having lived in their 1920’s Lake Nokomis area home for 7 years, our clients knew that modernizing the house would keep them in the home and their cherished neighborhood for years to come. Due to the age of the home, the current rear entry and kitchen were inconvenient and did not suit the needs of the couple and their two young children.  The new plans needed to:

  • Correct the pinched entry at the rear of the home just off of the garage
  • Provide a mudroom space with a connection to the yard beyond
  • Overhaul and open the dated kitchen, creating plenty of storage and countertop space


Project Type: Mud/Sunroom Addition with Kitchen Remodel
Style of Home:  1.5 Story Bungalow
Year Built: 1920
Project construction will take approximately 12-14 weeks to complete.


A primary motivation for creating an addition is due to the tight entryway at the back of the home, as the current configuration does not allow enough space for the family of 4 to enter easily, drop off winter gear, or transition into a space other than the kitchen.
The skylights will remain in the kitchen remodel, continuing to bring beautiful daylighting into the home. The island and cabinet configuration, however, will be swapped for a more modern layout.

Unique Challenges for the Remodel

Though our clients desired a more open kitchen and a new mudroom with views of the rest of the property, creating an addition within a tight lot that retained as much yard as possible would present some unique challenges and distinctive design opportunities. To make the design fit into the boundaries of the property and solve the spatial needs of the family, our design team also had to provide solutions for:

  • Heating the mudroom addition due to the location of the utility room below
  • Venting the range given the number of nearby windows
  • Providing steps to the new mudroom without overly sacrificing yard space
  • Removing the island without sacrificing storage or prep space


Given codes on venting around operable windows, designers had to carefully consider placement of the range. The final design keeps the range at the current location, deciding instead to open both adjacent walls for better visibility between rooms. The refrigerator location will also shift dramatically to enhance the family's open-concept goal.
Though functional as a prep surface, the existing island blocked movement in the kitchen and didn't provide enough storage. The design team's decision to remove the island in favor of a secondary prep wall will give our clients a much more thoughtful and beautiful space.

125 Sq.Ft. Addition Fulfills an Open Concept Dream

In the new design, the clients were looking to create their dream kitchen, working closely with the White Crane team to see their vision come to life. In the existing home, the cramped back entrance crowded the kitchen and provided no transition space from the back entry near the garage to the kitchen. With the help of a 125 sq.ft. addition, the family will be able to easily transition from the detached garage to the home, providing an intermediate zone for boots and coats without pinching access to the kitchen. To open the kitchen further, the design team removed much of the wall leading to the dining room and completely reconfigured appliance locations. The island will also be removed in favor of a secondary countertop space for better storage and maneuverability within the kitchen.


With only 125 sq.ft added with a new mudroom, the family increased the lighting in the home with views to the yard and provided a space to easily enter from the detached garage. Without an entry cramping the kitchen, the design team reconfigured a more open kitchen with plenty of storage.

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