Lake Nokomis Mudroom Addition & Kitchen Remodel

A remodel is underway. Take a look inside.

See inside as we build a mudroom addition and remodel the kitchen of this 1920s Lake Nokomis home.

Interior Details

New Room, New Tile, and Promises of Winter Heat

Not just a Mudroom, this Lake Nokomis addition also serves as a Sunroom, soaking up sunlight from generously sized windows across the entire space. For added winter comfort, we’re incorporating a new gas line and venting for an Intrepid Direct Vent Gas Stove. With any gas stove, codes and product specifications help us to determine important aspects of the install, like proper venting and flooring requirements just below the stove. Here, the bold blue and terracotta patterned tile serves as an unexpected accent in the room while also bridging the heat between the stove and subfloor.

Details: The Small But Mighty Aspect of Design and Construction

Details are important in the design of a home. They outline how a home is built, and in doing so, play a major role in the quality of the build and the success of the design. In any remodel, we want our details to honor the existing home while speaking to the design motivations of our clients. Here are some engaging details in this home:

  • A unique base profile in the Mudroom brings a modern touch to the 1920’s home while the subtle shapes work well with the millwork profiles in the rest of the home.
  • Instead of defaulting to white cabinets, our designers came up with an engaging mix of vivid blues and natural walnut cabinets that offer hints of mid-century practicality alongside a bolder, more modern aesthetic appropriate for 2022 sensibilities.

Tile installation for the tile at the range wall took about a day, with each tile being carefully selected and placed according to its' unique shape and color.

  • Countertop edge profiles comes in a variety of options from the traditional square, to ogee, the French cove, and even more diversified options. In this kitchen we helped our clients select a rounded edge along their quartz countertops in consideration for the children that might be running alongside the cabinets.
  • Handcrafted, glazed tile at the range wall is another unexpected detail. Every cream colored tile is unique, ranging in both size and color, offering a range of textures that uniquely blends the warm, walnut cabinets and bright white accents in the room. Each tile is placed and arranged carefully and installed with minimal grout.

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