Lake Nokomis Mudroom Addition & Kitchen Remodel

A remodel is underway. Take a look inside.

See inside as we build a mudroom addition and remodel the kitchen of this 1920s Lake Nokomis home.


Cabinets – The Real Space Makers

Custom Cabinets in a house amplify how well a space can work for you and greatly impact the room’s attractiveness. To help define the type, style, and placement of cabinets, White Crane designers talk with clients about how they typically use their home and how they want the space to feel early in the design process.

Since cabinets contribute to a home’s functional and visual experience, our team thinks through all the cabinet details, from materials and configuration to drawer contents. In this Lake Nokomis remodel, removing and replacing the old cabinets opened up the kitchen, adding even better functionality with an improved layout and increased storage capacity.

The walnut kitchen cabinets are a feature element of the design for this Lake Nokomis remodel. The earthy tones will blend the modern accents of the updated kitchen with the character of the existing 1920's home. Cabinet doors and drawers will be attached after they are finished off-site to protect them from construction dust and debris.

8 Steps to Cabinet Fabrication & Install

  • Step 1: Just after framing the cabinet maker came to the site to get the exact measurements for the cabinets outlined in the architectural documents.
  • Step 2: The cabinet maker sent over a cad drawing documenting each cabinet.

A clear coat sealer will be applied to the walnut cabinetry and millwork, like this wood knee wall cap at the stair's edge.

  • Step 3: White Crane designers used the drawing to finalize details with the clients like where the trashcan and silverware should go.
  • Step 4: Once approved by our team, the cabinet maker ordered the materials and started fabrication off-site in the cabinet shop.
  • Step 5: For this job, the majority of the installation happened over the course of a single day.

A clear coat sealer will be applied to the walnut cabinetry and millwork, like this wood knee wall cap at the stair's edge.

  • Step 6: The cabinet maker’s second day was spent making final adjustments like adding wood fillers at wall edges.
  • Step 7: Meanwhile the cabinet doors and drawers were being painted off-site with either a clear coat or a vivid blue Sherwin Williams paint named Sea Serpent.
  • Step 8: The final step was getting the drawer and doors back on site and attached to the cabinets!

The new mudroom cabinets feature both walnut and painted cabinetry. Just off the garage entry, a walnut bench with a unique horizontal slat pattern will sit alongside vividly painted full height cabinetry, painted in Sherwin Williams, Sea Serpent.

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