Lake Nokomis Mudroom Addition & Kitchen Remodel

A remodel is underway. Take a look inside.

See inside as we build a mudroom addition and remodel the kitchen of this 1920s Lake Nokomis home.

Window Install

New Windows: An Exercise in Avoiding Supply Chain Meltdowns

With today’s uncertain supply chain issues becoming “the new normal,” promising a 12-14 week construction timeline is a serious commitment. But from our clients’ perspective, that’s still 3-3.5 months of construction debris, loud noises, and displacement, which is no small part of why we make deliberate design and selection choices to stay on track for our major and minor milestones. Windows are no exception.

A custom window in the kitchen allows additional lighting to brighten the secondary prep space with views to the front yard beyond.

Large windows spanning most of the length of the mudroom addition are a major component of how we're creating not only a brighter mudroom but a sunroom space that brings year-round lighting into the home.

Here are some important steps our construction and design team took to stay on track:

  • With a simple note in the specifications to factory mull the windows, we turned a 5 window install into a two-window install. Factory Mulled – This means that windows sitting side-by-side are joined together by the window manufacturer instead of the construction team on site. So, instead of installing three separate window units along the West (garage facing) elevation and two window units along the north elevation of the new mudroom addition, the window crew set two pre-joined windows into the framing in a matter of a few hours.

Three 106.5" x 63.75" windows in the new mudroom allow the space to function as not only a functional entry but a welcoming sunroom that enlivens the space with views to the backyard.

  • A small window within the kitchen with a sloped topped would have normally called for an even longer lead time, given it would have needed to be custom-made. By fabricating a unique opening with dimensional lumber, glass, and the right amount of construction detailing, we skipped the long wait.
  • We help our clients select products from manufacturers that we have confidence in.
  • We create a construction timeline that is as accurate and informed as possible. If one step of the process needs to move forward ahead of another without sacrificing quality, we do our absolute best to keep moving forward.

Now Let’s Talk Install

Thanks to our windows crew, all the windows and new door were installed in a matter of about 4 hours. Here’s how:

  1. Install Prep: The window gets wrapped/taped and set inside the framing.
  2. A Nailing flange locks the window to the framing of the home.
  3. The window is sealed with silicone and taped along the sides and bottom.
  4. A drip cap is installed above the windows to keep water from leaking into the home

The two windows along the North face of the mudroom are slightly shorter than the adjacent windows to account for a new fireplace being installed later on. The combination of better lighting for dark winter days and more heating, will make the mudroom/sunroom a great place to enjoy all year.

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