We’re framing up the bones for this new South Minneapolis Addition!

We’ll start by building the first floor of the Addition, which will increase the size of the Kitchen. After the Addition first floor is framed, we’ll start framing up the second floor, install the roof trusses, and then finish the Addition roof. Once the Addition is framed and sealed from the outside elements, we’ll remove the interior walls, opening the home to the new Addition.

We start building the 1st floor Kitchen portion of the Addition over the new foundation. There will be a new door that leads from the Kitchen to the backyard making outdoor dining and entertaining easier.
This is a view inside the Addition first-floor framing, which will create a larger Kitchen.
Once the 1st-floor ceiling is framed, we can start framing the second story Owner's Bedroom portion of the Addition.
The team starts to frame the second-floor, which will enlarge the existing Bedroom.
The roof trusses have arrived and are ready for installation.
Now that the roof trusses are installed, our team finishes the Addition roof.
The finished Addition exterior will be brick and stucco to match the home's existing exterior.

We’ve demoed the old exterior wall, opening the home to the new Addition. The interior framing defines the spaces for the new Kitchen, Mudroom, Powder Room, Bedroom, and upstairs Bath. We’ve also widened the existing opening between the Dining Room and the Kitchen.

The new first-floor Kitchen windows, chosen to match the style of the home's existing windows, have been installed.



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