Creating A Power Plan

Bringing electricity to the new Garage/ADU posed some challenges. The original power line configuration worked for a one-story single car garage – we needed to solve for a larger structure with unique needs. Also, because the space above the Garage will eventually be an apartment, specific concerns need to be addressed when roughing-in the electricity.

The exterior lighting locations are marked for the Garage/ADU electrical rough-in.
The Garage's interior and exterior outlet locations are roughed-in.
The Garage's interior and exterior outlets are roughed-in.
We roughed-in one overhead light and one outlet on the 2nd-floor interior, which will be the future living space. This future living space will be finished in a second phase at a later date.
The house and the Garage/ADU will have separate meters and panels, which will result in separate bills for each.
The electrician installed a separate electrical panel in the Garage/ADU.

Reconfiguring The Power Line

We worked with the power company, Xcel Energy, to bring electricity to the new Garage/ADU. For safety, we had Xcel drop the power line from the house to the Garage, shortened the line and moved it further away from the stair landing to an overhead mast. The electrician ran a line underground from the Garage to the house feeding the existing meter socket. The power will travel from pole to Garage, then underground from the Garage to the main house, and finally to the old mast location.

We moved the power line location away from the Garage/ADU stair landing to an overhead mast.



Exterior Finishes