We are installing siding and stucco panels on the ADU and garage exterior.

We used Hardie stucco panels on the lower half and vinyl siding on the top half. The Hardie board will be painted a darker grey to compliment the siding.

We looked at a few types of siding for Cate and Jason’s project and chose Hardie stucco panels for the bottom section because it would coordinate with the stucco on the main house, and because it will wear better than some other types of siding, especially on the alley side where snow and dirt and water could get splashed onto the siding from cars. To give the exterior a more contemporary look, we added a band board between the stucco and the vinyl siding on the second floor. To save on budget, Cate and Jason are painting the Hardie stucco panels on the bottom section themselves.

A band board divides the two exterior finishes for a more modern look.

We chose a low-maintenance vinyl siding for the upper section because of its price point, and it also cuts down on the amount of painting they will need to do. The painting is kept to the lower, more reachable section. The Hardie stucco panels will be painted a darker grey to compliment the siding color.



Textured paintable Hardie stucco panels were chosen for the garage exterior to echo the stucco exterior of the main house.
The ADU door and garage doors will be painted a bright accent color. For the doors, Cate and Jason are looking at oranges and bright blues for a pop of color against the grey.

Making Exterior Color Choices

To save money on their project, Cate and Jason are painting parts of the ADU and garage themselves. There are some choices to make on the exterior. They are looking at several dark greys for the stucco panels. Their original vision was to paint the garage doors and ADU entrance door bright orange. Now that the siding is up, they are also considering a bright blue to compliment the tones of the siding color.

These are two color options for the garage doors and ADU entrance door. Should they go with orange or blue?

Gutters are installed

After we finished installing the vinyl siding and Hardi stucco panels, gutters are installed. The gutters are light grey to match the fascia, which will contribute to the other choices to round out the final color palette.

Light grey gutters that match the color of the fascia have been installed.

Slab Pour