South Minneapolis ADU

Building a Garage Apartment in South Minneapolis

Follow along as we build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) above a new garage in South Minneapolis.


Installing Flooring for High Traffic Zones

The new ADU floors are going in, and the disrupted floors in the primary home are being replaced. For the ADU, Cate and Jason selected vinyl plank flooring for durability and the warm modern/rustic appearance. The ADU might be used as a short-term rental, so the floor needs to hold up to high traffic and frequent cleaning.

We're applying adhesive in preparation for laying the vinyl floor in the ADU.

The luxury vinyl plank floor is installed in the ADU.

Repairing Disrupted Flooring


We trenched through the Lower Level in the primary home to connect the ADU plumbing to the primary house main. In Minneapolis, the primary house and ADU must be tied together with shared water, sewer, electric, or gas service. We have replaced the disrupted floors in the primary home Lower Level Family Room and Bath. The LL Family Room gets a vinyl, and in the LL Bath we installed a large ceramic tile that compliments the penny round tile in the shower.

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