South Minneapolis ADU

Building a Garage Apartment in South Minneapolis

Follow along as we build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) above a new garage in South Minneapolis.

Drywall & Painting

Painting the ADU Interior

Time to get out the drop cloths, rollers, and painter’s tape. In order to save some budget in their project, Cate and Jason are painting the ADU interior themselves including the walls, ceiling, and doors. Professional White Crane trade partners will enamel the trim and baseboards, as this requires advanced skills.

The drywall has been mudded and prepped. It's ready for paint!

The paint colors for the ADU. They chose a white for most of the walls, with a dark blue for an accent wall. A grey was chosen for the bathroom.

Choosing the Interior Paint Colors

Cate and Jason spent time on Pinterest researching color palettes for their new modern feeling ADU. They really gravitated toward bright whites with cool toned accents. They chose a bright white and contrasted it with a dark blue accent wall and entry door. When choosing the paint colors, they looked for tones that would work with the floor, the stained door, and the natural window shades they just ordered.

Painting Is Hard Work!

With a lot of late nights, weekends, elbow grease, and multiple coats Cate and Jason finished the painting the ADU. The homeowners said although they did save money, the task was not easy. In hindsight, after all the work and time they put into painting the ADU, having a professional paint sounds like a fantastic idea!

To save money on their project, Jason and Cate primed and painted the walls, ceiling, and door of the ADU themselves. Professional painters enameled the window trim and baseboards.

Finishing The Pocket Door

Jason took on the staining of the interior Bath pocket door. A dark rich stain was chosen, inspired by another pocket door from their primary home. Compared to painting this was a little easier task. Once he had the materials to do the job he made quick work of staining and poly-ing the door.

The reveal! An accent wall and the ADU entry door were painted a dark blue. The bath pocket door is finished with stain and polyurethane.

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