South Minneapolis ADU

Building a Garage Apartment in South Minneapolis

Follow along as we build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) above a new garage in South Minneapolis.


It’s demolition day! Time to tear down the old garage and excavate earth to make room for the new building’s frost footings and foundation.

Nothing like a good old garage demo to bring out the kid in us all. I love this part of my job. The smell of the truck and bobcat and the sound of a structure being crushed. I know when I hear that big truck come down the road it is game time. It amazes me how much time we put into designing and building a garage and with the right equipment how quickly they can come down and make way for something new. A lot of preparation and planning goes into the project on the front end to make sure a project gets off to a good start. That first day sets the flow for the rest of the project.

Demo Prep List:

  • Mark property for Gopher State One Call to flag underground mechanicals
  • Coordinate moving the overhead electrical line with Xcel
  • Final disconnection of electrical and security between the garage and the house.
  • Communication with neighbors
  • Making sure all safety precautions are taken and cones and caution tape are on site.
  • Necessary doggie containment area(s)

Working Around Challenges

We are always concerned about the weather cooperating and keep a close eye on the forecast.

Mysterious electrical connections in these older homes can be a challenge Fortunately, the electrical on this home was done by a professional and we didn’t run into any unforeseen problems.

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