South Minneapolis Addition & Basement Remodel

A remodel is underway. Take a look inside.

Follow along as we begin a main level addition and basement remodel for a South Minneapolis bungalow.


Design Motivation

After an intense search for a new home left them rethinking their decision to move, our South Minneapolis clients determined that, with the right remodel, their 1919 bungalow would still be the better option. Their need for space was amplified by feeling cramped during the pandemic and ongoing conversations about navigating within the home as they aged.

While they first imagined that an attic remodel might work, getting code-compliant ceiling heights up there would have required the added expense of building a new roof structure. Likewise, the tightness at the back entry and kitchen on the main level would have remained unresolved.

White Crane designers helped the family find a surprising solution. With a strategically planned main floor addition and lower level remodel, the homeowners would gain an additional 1,100 sq. ft. within their South Minneapolis home.

“Let’s just improve this place, because the location is good. The house itself is good; it’s just too small.” – Howe Bungalow Homeowners

Main Level: More Space Meets Better Space

A 248 sq.ft addition off the back of the home will resolve congestion in two big ways: by expanding the kitchen and entry and providing an ensuite along an existing bedroom.

  • Mudroom: A new mudroom provides ample storage and a much larger entry point for our homeowners who were dissatisfied with how close the stairs were to the previous entry, thinking that this could be a major issue for them later in life.
  • Kitchen: The addition enlarges the kitchen with a reconfigured layout, providing more storage and room to move around. The couple won’t have to go downstairs for their larger appliances and will have more counter space for food prep.
  • Bathroom & Closet: Adding a bathroom and closet along an existing bedroom will create an ensuite, which is a much more modern and convenient layout.

Balancing New Selections Across a 105-Year-Old Home

Throughout the remodel, the selections in the home offer an updated yet ageless aesthetic. The classic white paint and tiles in the bathroom and kitchen are timeless, working well with the rest of the 105-year-old interiors.  Soft greens found within the cabinetry and select niches enhance the sophisticated and refined palette, while warm wood shelves and flooring keep the home feeling cozy and true to its’ classic bungalow detailing. Casing details like that along the windows and doors aid in joining the addition to the rest of the home more seamlessly.

Lower Level: From Unfinished to Fully Functioning

The basement provided the biggest opportunity to gain space in this South Minneapolis home, as it was unfinished and underutilized. With 845 sq. ft. of open area, designers worked out a fully finished layout that nearly doubled the space the family could comfortably utilize. The updated plan enclosed the utility room, added a brightly lit laundry room, and created a new bedroom, bathroom, and living room.

  • Utility Room & Laundry Room: Dedicating an area for HVAC and other utility-related equipment will make the new lower level more comfortable and approachable. The same is true for the newly planned laundry room, a clear upgrade with bright windows and added storage.
  • Lower Bedroom: A lower-level bedroom gives guests an added measure of privacy. And when not used by guests, our homeowners have an additional room to use as they wish.
  • Lower Bathroom: The addition of a lower-level bathroom is critical since the basement now also has a bedroom. The new bathroom will have a prefabricated vanity, shower, and open storage.
  • Lower Living Room: Since the couple felt they had outgrown the home during the pandemic, getting an additional public space to hang out, watch TV, and decompress is a big win. The large room will also house the family’s workout equipment.

“The designer brought good choices to the table for us to choose from, which made the process a lot better. She knew what was timeless yet still trendy. It was nice that we had choices but it wasn’t overwhelming.” – Howe Bungalow Homeowners

Planning for the Right Size Addition

When considering an addition, understanding its eventual design comes down to a multitude of factors, from zoning and budget to client preferences. No matter the case, building an addition on a beautiful older home isn’t about creating the largest structure possible. During the design process, the team outlined how much space was really needed to rehab the main floor of the bungalow into something more suitable for the owners. A few hundred additional square feet was just enough space to open the plan with a larger kitchen, a new mudroom, full bathroom, and a walk-in closet. Being critical about the size of an addition means that our clients can still take advantage of their backyard while honoring the home they already love. The new structure will be clad in vertical and horizontal lap siding to provide a contrast to the existing home, just as the lowered roofline, window casing, and soffits help the new structure feel like an appropriate extension of the original home.

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