We are framing up the ADU and new Garage.

Well, this project is moving right along! Even with the cold weather. We had some interesting challenges at the beginning of the framing process.

Lumber Load and trusses are dropped off at the site.

Instead of a standard 3 ply LVL beam, we needed to introduce a steel beam in order to maintain the necessary height for the garage door while not increasing our overall building height. This beam weighed 600 lbs. and took 5 guys to lift and set in place. It’s a good feeling to get that out of the way and no one gets hurt!

First floor garage is taking shape.

After all the first floor walls are in place and the trusses are set we are ready to install the floor sheeting. This is both glued and secured with ring shanked nails to minimize any squeaking. The walls are framed, sheeted and House wrapped and then stood up and checked for plumb, secured, and braced.

View of the first floor garage with walls from the alley.
Walls going up on the second floor.
Inside the second floor ADU

After the 2nd-floor walls are secured and braced we are ready to set the roof trusses. The framing process moves pretty fast and is always exciting. Now we could use a few warmer days so we can install roof membrane and get everything dried in so we can keep things rolling.

Second story ADU takes shape with trusses and roof.