With full-size appliances, heat, and air conditioning, this ADU has all the amenities of a studio apartment!

The Kitchenette features a full-size fridge, dishwasher, and small cooktop with vent hood. The vent hood wasn’t included in the original design, but after an inspection, it was determined we would be required to add one. Cooking a meal will be a breeze in the small but efficient ADU Kitchen.

The Kitchenette refrigerator, dishwasher, cooktop, and vent hood are installed.

The ADU will have its own separate laundry from the primary home with a new stacking front loading washer and dryer that will fit into a niche area in the Bathroom. Having a separate laundry from the primary home creates privacy and convenience for the ADU resident.

The stacking washer and dryer will be installed in the Bath.

Heat for the ADU is provided by a mini split and baseboard heaters. The mini split will also cool the ADU in the summer months with air conditioning. A water heater dedicated to just the ADU has been installed in an insulated and heated utility closet in the garage below the apartment unit.

This mini split will provide heat and air conditioning for the ADU.
Baseboard heaters were required to supplement mini split for heating the ADU.
One of our trade partners installing the mini split for the ADU.
The hot water heater for the ADU is located in the garage below, in a heated utility closet.

Drywall and Painting


Finished Project