We are pouring the garage slab.

The windows have been installed, and the stairs to the ADU above the garage are complete. Now it is time for our slab.

In order to be able to level and tamp the sand at the garage floor, we needed to bring in ground heaters.  We ran the ground heaters for 6 days to ensure the ground would be thawed enough to be worked and prepped for our slab.

Commercial ground heater to warm earth in preparation to pour slab.
We added a piece of re-bar to the mesh in the concrete and ran it to the exterior wall by the electrical panel. This will provide a ground for the electrician.
Finished Slab

The crew curtained off the garage with plastic and ran a torpedo heater to keep the garage warm enough for the slab to cure. The slab needs to cure for a min of 2 days before it can be walked on.




Exterior Finishes