Tangletown Kitchen & Bath Remodel

A remodel is underway. Take a look inside.

See inside as we transform the kitchen and upper level bath of this 1920s Tangletown home.

Kitchen Cabinets & Tile

Kitchens Pack a Punch with Creative Cabinet Design

Kitchens are among the most beautiful spaces in a home because of the various design elements that define them, from cabinets and appliances to beautiful tiles and countertops. Cabinet layout is a major consideration in how our team thinks about both kitchen design and functionality. During the design phase, the team works closely with the homeowner to understand how much counter space and storage is needed and how the cabinets will look in the new space. Here are a few unique and space defining cabinet features in this Tangletown kitchen and bath remodel:

  • Deep Drawers – Deep drawers make storing and accessing large posts and pans much easier.
  • Custom Hood – The new hood is a feature element of the kitchen, disguising code-required venting behind an ornamental box that anchors the entire kitchen. Unlike the blue enameled island, the hood is painted in Sherwin Williams, Grizzle Gray.
  • Dreamy Extended Island – The homeowners gave up banquette seating in favor of a larger kitchen. The inclusion of a large, central island is a great new feature, as it provides the family with 7 ft. of seating, additional storage, and food prep space.
  • Floating Shelf – Above the relocated sink, we’ve added a floating shelf to bridge the window and upper cabinets. Open shelving does a great job of providing storage in tight areas while keeping the room from feeling closed-off.

Moving from Design to Installation

Cabinet making actually begins right after framing, when the cabinet maker walks through the home with the construction plans, noting necessary measurements to ensure correctly sized and perfectly fitted cabinets. After about a 5-week build time off-site, these cabinets were delivered back to the Tangletown home for installation. Although we installed the cabinet boxes immediately within the course of a day, we specifically left off the cabinet fronts. While cabinet fronts are painted off-site to guarantee a high level of quality control, the cabinet boxes and island were sprayed in two varying colors over the course of several coats. See the paint selections below:

  • Custom Kitchen Cabinets: ProClassic Semi Gloss Enamel – Sherwin Williams, SW 7068 – Grizzle Gray in Satin
  • Custom Seating Island:  ProClassic Semi Gloss Enamel – Sherwin Williams, SW 6221, Moody Blue in Satin

With the cabinets installed and painting to follow shortly, our next step is to place all the new appliances like the refrigerator, which will go in this full height cabinet.

A classic subway tile is a timeless selection that ages gracefully, which is one reason this Interceramic Ripple Wall Tile was chosen. The unique, blue color adds depth and freshness to the remodeled space.

Blue Tile Pulls It All Together

Picking tile is an essential task that brings a room to life, often times with eye-catching colors or impressive patterns. When considering what tile to specify, our designers must consider the client’s design goals while navigating lead time, price, and quality. For this kitchen, the team selected Interceramic Ripple Wall Tile in a vivid blue, which reflects light from nearby kitchen windows and brightens the entire room. Installers set the tile in grout #370, Dove Gray, allowing it to affix to the Durock wall board.

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