Tangletown Kitchen & Bath Remodel

A remodel is underway. Take a look inside.

See inside as we transform the kitchen and upper level bath of this 1920s Tangletown home.

Remodel Details

2 Decades and 3 Kids Later

As many remodels begin, the owners of this 3-level Colonial were looking to make some changes in a home they loved. Our clients lived in the home for 20 years, raised 3 children there, and were ready to address some serious functional and maintenance concerns throughout the residence. For these homeowners, two key changes would be needed to make sure this Tangletown house would stay their forever home, including major updates to the closed-off kitchen and a complete overhaul of the cramped upper level bath. Since both rooms were unusually tied in their layout and maintenance needs, White Crane designers crafted solutions that worked for both floors. Features like the sunken jacuzzi in the upper bathroom created layout issues in the entire room on top of low soffits and water issues in the kitchen below. Our designers aimed to rethink the older 1980s remodel and infuse tasteful selections throughout the Tangletown home

Project Objective

2o years into home ownership and our clients still wanted to make this Tangletown house into their forever home. For our clients to stay in the home for years to come, we needed to transform their main level with a thoughtfully reconfigured kitchen, address much needed repairs, and reconfigure an upper level bathroom.

Project Details

  • Project Type: Main Level Kitchen and Upper Bath Remodel
  • Style of Home:  3 level Colonial
  • Year Built: 1920s
  • Project construction will take approximately 14 weeks to complete.

BEFORE | In order to craft an open concept plan on the main level, rethinking the existing kitchen, our designers gutted the entire space, including several windows, a column at the banquette area, and the soffits that made the room feel small. As we'll see in later blogs, transforming the ceiling by removing the soffits would require thoughtful and careful planning from structural to plumbing needs.

Unique Challenges of the Remodel

  • Soffits throughout the existing kitchen disguising the dropped tub above would need to be removed to create a more cohesive and seamless layout.
  • Opening the kitchen to the rest of the main level requires the removal of a centrally located kitchen column by re-engineering the floor system from above and relocating the main plumbing stack.
  • Our selections sought to join new updates while renewing 1920s details removed during a 1980’s remodel.
  • Repairing and patching Stucco would need to be considered because of relocated windows on multiple levels.

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