Minneapolis Foursquare Attic Remodel

Minneapolis Foursquare Attic Remodel

Our clients, parents with a busy family, wanted to transform their unfinished Attic into a Master Suite with a Bath and dedicated Office space. Creating a separate space for the adults in the Attic would also give the kids their own space on the floor below.

Electrical, Plumbing, & HVAC

Adding Electrical, Plumbing, & HVAC To This Minneapolis Attic

To rough-in the plumbing and electrical, we create pathways in the framing for the electrical cables, water supply, and drain pipes to run through. Once the paths are created, all of the planned connections are made. At this stage, no fixtures (like faucets and decorative lights) are installed yet. Plumbing will be routed to the Attic from the second-floor below. Because of the home’s roofline created by the dormers, building Bathroom ceiling heights to code in the Attic poses a challenge. To address this, we designed a creative bathroom layout incorporating a column for the shower head with glass on either side to create an enclosure. Because the roof cavity is filled with spray foam, we are roughing in electrical for decorative fixtures in the main spaces instead of recessed lighting. LED strip lights will be installed in the closet.

Pathways are created in the new Attic framing for the electrical cables, water supply, and drain pipes, and then the planned connections are made.

The plumbing rough-in for the toilet is complete.

This elevation shows the shower and soaking tub in the new Attic Bath.

Installing The Attic’s New HVAC System

Installing a new high-velocity HVAC unit that will cool the Attic & second floor. We want to keep high ceilings in as much of the Attic space as possible, so it is challenging to run the ductwork to all the needed areas and keep the ceiling height. The ducting will be installed around the Attic perimeter, hidden in built-in under window seating and storage areas with touch-to-open flush panel doors with hidden hinges and latches.

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