This South Minneapolis Attic remodel is really coming together as the walls go up!

This South Minneapolis Attic is starting to look like a brand new space! Installing drywall will define the individual spaces for the Bathroom, Bedrooms, and dedicated storage areas. The new doorways are drywalled to accommodate casing (wood trim). The woodwork will be sealed with a clear finish to showcase the wood’s natural beauty. Once the walls are installed, taped, mudded, sanded, and primed we’ll move on to trim carpentry and painting.

We've installed a temporary stair railing. The new drywall has been taped, mudded, sanded, and primed.
All of the doorways in the Attic will have maple wood casings and doors sealed with a clear finish.
Now that the drywall is up, we'll install the windows in the weaving room that look out onto the yard and gardens.
The windows are in! Next, we'll install the interior window trim, door casings, and baseboards.

Bringing natural light into the Attic was on the must-have list for our client. The Attic previously had west-facing skylights that caused the temperature to soar in the summertime. We removed the skylights and added a solar tube above the stairs in the hallway. The solar tube system consists of a small dome in the roof that brings light into the Attic through a reflective tunnel and diffuser. Positioning the solar tube over the stairway allows the light to filter down both day and night, illuminating the hallway and stairs without electricity.

The new solar tube, located in the hallway above the stairs, brings natural light to the Attic. The interior opening will be capped with a decorative diffuser.
The walls are up in the Bathroom!
A hopper window is installed in the Bathroom. A hopper window opens into the house, unlike an awning window that opens outward away from the house.
We drywalled over the framing for the shower stall base with built-in bench. Glass panels and a door will be added after tiling to finish the shower enclosure.
This view looks from the Bedroom into the hallway. The light spilling in from the solar tube illuminates the hall.
The Bedroom drywall has been taped, mudded, sanded, and primed. A fixture mounting box facilitates mounting a fan in the peak of the cathedral ceiling.

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