Painting the Attic Interior

Time to get out the drop cloths, rollers, and painter’s tape! We chose paint colors for the Attic that would coordinate with the millwork, floors, fixtures, and finishes to create a Nordic modern vibe. We also considered existing materials when choosing paint. The existing chimney brick inspired an accent wall paint color. The paint colors for the Owner’s Bedroom are Hushed Auburn and Dorian Gray by Sherwin Williams. The Bath will be painted Knitting Needles also by Sherwin Williams.


The paint colors for the Owner's Bedroom are Hushed Auburn and Dorian Gray by Sherwin Williams. The Bath will be painted Knitting Needles, also by Sherwin Williams.
The chimney brick inspired one of the Owner's Bedroom paint colors.

Choosing A Finish

Our client prefers matte to shiny, so the Attic walls have an eggshell finish, while the ceiling is painted with Snowbound by Sherwin Williams in a flat finish. Flat paint has a velvety look that absorbs light, hiding imperfections and uneven textures. Eggshell has slightly more luster than a flat finish and can be cleaned with a soft, wet cloth without ruining the finish. Scrubbing flat paint can wear down the finish, creating uneven patches on your walls. When choosing a paint finish, consider the durability needs and surface conditions to determine the best choice for your project.


The paint on the hallway walls has an eggshell finish.
The weaving room painting is finished!
Once the weaving room is painted, the loom can be moved in, ready for assembly.
This close-up of the baseboards, floor, and freshly painted wall shows the palette of materials chosen to create a Scandinavian modern inspired design.
Here's a view of the painted Owner's Bedroom entrance.
An accent wall in the Owner's Bedroom is painted Hushed Auburn by Sherwin Williams to complement the brick chimney.
The Attic's Bathroom paint color, Knitting Needles by Sherwin Williams, coordinates with Bath's cool-toned color palette.
Painting in the Bath is complete!

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